Caesar’s Blood (4M/1F drama)



         Adobe Theatre (Albuquerque, NM), 2016

         Panglossian Productions (Williamsburg, VA), 2018



Long Beach Playhouse, 2014

Aston Repertory Theatre Company/Den Theatre (Chicago), 2014

Actors Theatre of Charlotte, 2015 (workshop)

Utah Shakespeare Festival, 2015 (workshop)

Post5 Theatre (Portland, OR), 2015

Jewish Ensemble Theatre (West Bloomfield, MI), 2016

ZOOM reading, Westminster Presbyterian Church (Portland, OR), 2021



Co-winner, 2014 Long Beach Playhouse New Works Festival

Finalist, 2014 nuVoices Festival/Actors Theatre of Charlotte

Finalist, 2014 Utah Shakespeare Festival New American Play Project

Finalist, 2014 Julie Harris Playwright Award

Finalist, 2014 Burbage Prize (UK)

Finalist, 2014 Ashland New Play Festival

Finalist, 2014 American Actors UK (London) Play Festival

Finalist, 2015 First Flight New Play Festival/Boomerang Theatre Company (New York)

Finalist, 2016 Jewish Ensemble Theatre New Play Festival

Finalist, 2016 Theatre Conspiracy New Play Contest

Finalist, 2017 Oregon Book Award

Nominated, 2015 L. Arnold Weissberger Award/Williamstown Theatre Festival



Costa Rehab (3M/3F comedy)



Manhattan Theatre Works/Workshop Theatre (New York), 2011

Book of Dreams Productions/Back Door Theatre (Portland, OR), 2012



Manhattan Theatre Works/Aronow Theatre (New York), 2011

Theater Breaking Through Barriers (New York), 2014



Finalist, 2011 Manhattan Theatre Works Newborn Festival

Finalist, 2011 Trustus Playwrights Festival

Finalist, 2011 Grove Theatre Center New Play Initiative

Finalist, 2013 Oregon Book Award



Cottonwood in the Flood (5M/3F drama)



         Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center (Portland, OR), 2016



Castillo Theatre (New York), 2012

Fertile Ground Festival/Performance Works NorthWest (Portland, OR), 2015

Cerimon House (Portland, OR), 2015

Westminster Presbyterian Church (Portland, OR), 2015

2015 Playwrights Revolution/Capital Stage (Sacramento, CA), 2015

Fir Acres Theatre/Lewis & Clark College (Portland, OR), 2017



Co-winner, 2012 Fratti-Newman Political Play Contest

Finalist, 2012 JAW Festival/Portland Center Stage

Finalist, 2013 quiet theatre company New Works Festival (Seattle)

Honorable mention, 2012 Blue Ink New Play Contest/American Blues Theatre (Chicago)



Marilyn/MISFITS/Miller (5M/2F drama)



Fertile Ground Festival/Coho Theatre (Portland, OR), 2013

Elite Theatre (Oxnard, CA), 2012



Finalist, 2011 Julie Harris Playwright Award

Semifinalist, 2011 O’Neill Conference

Semifinalist, 2011 Playwrights First Award

Semifinalist, 2012 Manhattan Theatre Works Newborn Festival

Long-listed, Free Spirit Theatre (UK)

Short-listed, 42nd Theatre Company (UK)



One Weekend in October (7M/3F drama)



American Actors UK/Tristan Bates Theatre (London), 2013

Fertile Ground Festival/BaseRoots Theatre Company (Portland, OR), 2015



Winner, 2019 Dr. R. J. Rodriguez Emerging Playwright Award (Playhouse CreaturesTheatre Company, NY)

Finalist, 2013 American Actors UK (London) Play Festival

Semifinalist, 2013 O’Neill Conference



September Twelfth (3M/3F drama)



Vortex Theatre (Albuquerque, NM), 2006

American Bard Theatre Company (New York), 2013

UP Theatre Company (New York), 2014 (workshop)



Finalist, 2013 Playwrights First Award

Finalist, 2015 Oregon Book Award

Semifinalist, 2013 Centre Stage New Play Festival



Assisted Living (3M/4F comedy-drama)



Adobe Theatre (Albuquerque, NM), 2009

Sandy Actors Theatre (Sandy, OR), 2011



Vortex Theatre (Albuquerque, NM), 2008

Radio play, KUNM Radio Theatre (Albuquerque, NM), 2009

Jewish Ensemble Theatre (West Bloomfield, MI), 2009

Neil Simon Festival/Heritage Center Theatre (Cedar City, UT), 2011 (workshop)

Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre (Mars Hill, NC), 2011

Reston Community Players (Herndon, VA), 2013



Co-winner, 2011 Neil Simon Festival New Play Contest

Finalist, 2008 Long Beach Playhouse New Works Festival

Finalist, 2009 Jewish Ensemble Theatre New Play Festival

Finalist, 2011 Southern Appalachian Theatre ScriptFest Festival

Finalist, 2013 Reston Community Players New Play Project



Swimming Upstream (3F/2M comedy-drama)


           Detroit Repertory Theatre, 2017



           Piccolo Spoleto Festival (Charleston, SC), 2016

           Tennessee Stage Company (Knoxville, TN), 2018

           Lakeshore Players (White Bear Lake, MN), 2018

           ZOOM reading, Break-A-Leg Productions (New York City), 2021

           ZOOM reading (excerpt), Shawnee Playhouse (Shawnee on Delaware, PA), 2021



           Winner, 2016 Todd McNerney Playwright Award/Piccolo Spoleto Festival

           Winner, 2021-2022 Shawnee Playhouse New Play Competition

           Finalist, 2017-2018 Reva Shiner Comedy Award

           Finalist, 2017 ATHE Award for Excellence in Playwriting

           Finalist, 2017 IATI Cimientos Play Series (New York)    

           Finalist, 2017 Portland Civic Theatre Guild New Play Award

           Finalist, 2017 Talk Back Theatre Staged Reading (Orange County, CA)

           Finalist, Acadiana Repertory Theatre's 2020 season

           Semifinalist, 2017 Ashland New Play Festival

           Semifinalist, 2018 AACT New Play Fest

           Semifinalist, 2016 Stanley Drama Award (top ten)



Left Hook  (4M/2F drama)


           Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center (Portland, OR), 2018



           Fertile Ground Festival/Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center (Portland, OR), 2017

           Westminster Presbyterian Church (Portland, OR), 2017



           Finalist, 2018-2019 Woodward-Newman Drama Award

           Semifinalist, 2016 O'Neill Conference


Kafka's Joke (3M/2F comedy-drama)


          Desert Ensemble Theatre (Palm Springs, CA), upcoming in 2023


          Finalist, 2020 Woodward International Playwriting Prize

          Semifinalist, 2021 Jewish Plays Project

          2021 special award from Jewish Theatre of Warsaw (Szymon Szurmiej Contemporary Jewish Drama                 International Competition)



The Court Martial of Austin Tate (13M/3F drama)



Semifinalist, 2019 Bridge Award in Playwriting (Arts in the Armed Forces)

2nd prize, 2010 New x Northwest Playwright Competition/Coho Theatre (Portland, OR)



Book of Revelation (2M/2F drama)



Artists Repertory Theatre (Portland, OR), 2018


Finalist, 2015 Portland Civic Theatre Guild New Play Award

Finalist, 2017 Bechdel Group New Play Series



BabyLand  (4M/2F comedy)


          Reading Parlor/Artists Repertory Theatre (Portland, OR), 2016

          Panglossian Productions (Williamsburg, VA), 2017



          Finalist, 2016 Portland Civic Theatre Guild New Play Award

          Semifinalist, 2020 Landing Theatre Company's New American Voices Festival



Lunch Ladies (4M/4F comedy)



          Finalist, 2016 Rover Dramawerks New Play Festival (Plano, TX)

Writing on the Wall (3M/3F comedy-drama)


          Reading Parlor/Coho Theatre (Portland, OR), 2017

Grand Junction (4F/2M comedy-drama)


           Finalist, 2018 Portland Civic Guild New Play Award


           Fertile Ground Festival/Artists Repertory Theatre (Portland, OR), 2018

           Portland Civic Theatre Guild/Sanctuary Theatre (Portland, OR), 2018


           Next Stage Press, 2021

Happy Valley (4F/2M musical comedy, with music & lyrics by Michael Johnson)


            Runner-up, 2019 Robert J. Pickering Award for Playwriting Excellence

Shakespeare's Skull (4M/1F comedy)


           Fertile Ground Festival/Sanctuary Theatre (Portland, OR), 2019

           ZOOM reading (excerpt), Shawnee Playhouse (Shawnee on Delaware, PA), 2020

           Podcast, Dean Productions (Los Angeles, CA), 2021


           Winner, 2019 Portland Civic Theatre Guild New Play Award

           Semifinalist, 2019 B Street Theatre New Comedies Festival (Sacramento, CA)

Descent from the Andes (2M/2F comedy-drama)


          Fertile Ground Festival/Chapel Theatre (Portland, OR), 2020


          Finalist, 2020 Portland Civic Theatre Guild New Play Award

          Semifinalist, 2019 Blue Ink Playwriting Award/American Blues Theater (Chicago)

Picasso in Paris (4F/3M drama)


          Gulfshore Playhouse (Naples, FL), 2019 (workshop)

          Artes de la Rosa/Fort Worth Community Arts Center (Fort Worth, TX), 2022


          Winner (1st prize), 2020 Julie Harris Playwright Award

          Co-winner, 2019 Gulfshore Playhouse New Works Festival

          Finalist, 2020 Long Beach Playhouse New Works Festival

          Semifinalist, 2019 Judith Royer ATHE Award for Excellence in Playwriting

          Semifinalist, 2022 Depot New Play Reading Series (Hampton, CT)

Russian Troll  (3M/2F comedy)


          Theatre 33/Willamette University (Salem, OR), 2021


           Finalist, 2021 Portland Civic Theatre Guild New Play Award

           Semifinalist, 2021 Landing Theatre Company's New American Voices Festival


           Monologue ("Alexei"), published in Best Men's Stage Monologues 2022 (Smith & Kraus)

Shakespeare's Start (or Where There's a Will, There's a Way) (6M/4F comedy)


            ZOOM reading, Dramatists Guild Footlights Series, 2020

            ZOOM reading, College of Charleston (Charleston, SC), 2021


            Finalist, 2020 Todd McNerney Playwrighting Award

October Surprise (3M/3F drama)


           ZOOM reading (excerpt), Inkwell Theatre (Los Angeles), 2021


Four Sparrows (3M/2F drama)


         Finalist, 2022 Portland Civic Theatre Guild New Play Award

Rising Storm (3F/1M drama)


          ZOOM reading, New Circle Theatre Company (New York City), 2022


          Semifinalist, 2022 Bridge Award for Playwriting (Arts in the Armed Forces)

Power of Babel (4M/1F drama)


          Zoom reading (excerpt), Next Act! New Play Summit/Capital Repertory Theatre (Albany, NY), 2022


          Semifinalist, 2022 Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Competition


Class Act (2M/3F comedy-drama)



          Rising Sage Theatre Company/West End Performing Arts Center (Atlanta, GA), 2015



          Athena Theatre Company (New York), 2015

          Ivy Theatre Company (New York), 2016



  Winner, Rising Sage Theatre 2015 Visiting Playwright

  Semifinalist, 2015 O’Neill Conference

  Semifinalist, 2015 Premiere Stages New Play Festival

  Semifinalist, 2015 Manhattan Theatre Works Newborn Festival